Books Are Magical

“Books are magical.” Joy sighed; leaning back in her chair, closing the book she’d been reading and setting it in her lap.

Glancing to her left she caught her sister Donna’s eye. Placing her bookmark in, Donna prompted her. “How so?”

Smiling, Joy continued her thought. “They are like tickets to new places, each one offering you a chance to explore a new place, to take part in a new adventure. They open up new worlds, exciting ones where you can meet new friends, explore other cultures, cities, times and even fall in love. When you wander through books, it’s as if you slip through the pages and land within them.“

Donna smiled brightly and leaned forward, bringing her legs up to cross them on the couch. “For me, when I read, I’m no longer in the room I started in. It’s like the words wrap themselves around me like a cocoon and everything familiar disappears, and I can see the scene begin to unfold within the words. The couch vanishes, becoming a large bush.” She said, patting the cushion beside her. “The lamp to my left becomes my companion, perhaps the tall dark, protagonist.” She winked. “The TV dissolves before my eyes becoming the backside of a horse, the lamp on the table its black head. Windows protecting me from the harsh winter elements vanish and I am outside on a beautiful day in a thick forest. I become a part of the story.”

“Yes, exactly!” Joy exclaimed, so happy her sister understood. “It’s strange, how comfortable I feel when I read, when I’m in that transparent world in my mind that looks, feels and smells so real. “She sighed, “when I am stressed, nothing helps me more than when I sit down with a good book and just slip into their pages, away from what is troubling me and forget my problems, even if just for a short while. It’s difficult to explain how a good book can make me feel, how it warms my core, as if reaching with fiery fingers to touch my soul. The feeling can only be described as love. My books are truly my best friends, and I am making new ones all the time.”

“That is a perfect way to describe it, Joy.” Donna agreed and, sharing a smile, the two returned to their books.



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