What a wonderful surprise Joy awoke to – a winter wonderland waiting just outside her window, having snuck silently up on her as she slept. The flakes, still thick, danced and drifted lazily in the early morning breeze, creating a gentle rhythm that was calming yet exciting at the same time. The treetops and all their limbs were nestled snuggly and sleepily in a thick white blanket, tucked away for the winter months to come.

She felt warm – a growing glow within her chest. It was a light feeling, warm and wonderful. She smiled, understanding it was a feeling of happiness and excitement wrapped neatly into one.

Letting her eyes wander over the new scenery from her window a spontaneous and purely exuberant smile stole across her face. It’s snowing.

Downstairs Joy’s family groaned and moaned about the snowfall, complaining about the lack of sun, and the cold, and the winter driving. Catching sight of her face and the biggest smile she’d had all year, they groaned even more.

“How can you be excited about the snow?” They asked.

“How can you not be?” Joy exclaimed, spreading her arms wide, her eyes dancing and sparkling. “With snow comes cold, yes. With snow comes darker days, yes. And with snow comes bad roads, yes. But there are so many wonderful things that come with snow that often slip peoples’ minds. The white skies offer a cocoon that wraps everyone in the Christmas spirit, bringing with it a magical feeling of excitement that can only come this time of year. Christmas songs play softly on the radio and families gather by the fire to watch their beloved Christmas movies. Tobogganing, winter walks, hot chocolate, snowball fights and skating on lakes are just a few of the activities the snow offers us to bring us closer together with our loved ones. It brings out the best in people. Even complete strangers smile more and are generous and kind. Everyone shares smiles on the streets. Snow is like a nearly invisible white thread that weaves its way into our hearts and knits them together for just a few months of the year. I am so ready for it to stay. Bring it on!”


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