Cutting Edges


The smell washed over her in a wave, knocking her senses for a loop. She paused, closed her eyes and allowed the memories to dance through her mind and the scent to fill her soul. Ice. Well, more specifically ice in an ice rink. Her friends thought her crazy for insisting the ice had its own smell. They insisted it was just the cold air she was feeling not smelling. But she knew they were wrong. The ice DID have its own smell. It smelled vastly different compared to when you walked outside into the bitter cold of a blizzard – it smelled unique. Or maybe only those who had grown up with skates on their feet and a joy of the ice could smell the difference – smell the ice and instantly get that sense of freedom and love and be bombarded with happiness that came hand in hand with the memories.

“Coming, Joy?” Donna asked watching her impatiently. “We should find our seats.”

Joy followed her sister into the stands of their home ice rink to find their seats for the Junior B home team’s game against their fiercest opponent – a notoriously dirty team who hailed from a city two hours south. Around her people chatted and laughed, drank and ate, enjoying the precious few hours to come where they could let go of things bothering them and enjoy a fast game of hockey.

The two girls folded their blue seats down and sat, one in seat #1 and the other in seat #2 in section G, row four. Perfect seats. Joy thought happily. Within a minute cheers rang out, whistles were heard and hands clapped so loudly the announcer could hardly be heard as the home team stepped onto the glistening white surface and raised their sticks in a salute to the fans. Joy smiled as she watched her sister’s face light up with happiness and excitement and she was so happy they were here to share this together, just the two of them. She returned her attention to the players now forming lines and taking shots on the goalie.

She loved the sound of the blades cutting into the ice as the players maneuvered edge to edge. There was no sound quite as opposing to itself, calming yet exciting – dripping with anticipation – as if murmuring the promise of a great game.


2 thoughts on “Cutting Edges

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the story so much, this particular post has a lot of personal meaning to me so your comment makes me feel very good! 🙂

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