Gentle Does

It was another beautiful winter day as Joy sat happily in her bright living room with her newest book lying open on her lap. Sipping her hot chocolate she snuggled closer into the pillow and breathed the sweet chocolate scent. She could feel the hot liquid as it worked its way down her esophagus, making her realize just how cold she really was. Leaning back she glanced out the window and caught sight of two small does hesitantly and cautiously stepping out of the woods and onto her white lawn.
One was slightly bigger than the other and took the lead. Their tiny tails flicked nervously as their ears perched tall on their small heads, twitching back and forth to catch each sound. Sensing the safeness in the open yard the first dipped its big black nose in the snow quickly followed by the other.

Joy smiled, enjoying watching them from her window. She loved wild animals, especially deer. They were so gentle and elegant, sleek and looked after one another much like older siblings do. Watching deer was picturesque and calmed her spirit. The deer made her wish humans were that gentle and caring. Humans could learn much from the way deer behave, she thought to herself taking another sip of the steaming hot liquid. Live in the moment, be calm and relax but still be cautious and careful of your surroundings. Care for others, have each other’s backs and trust but always have your ears cocked listening for unexpected threats.

She sighed as she continued to watch the deer. Deer are the photo definition of innocence and peace. She smiled, returning to her book.


Images courtesy of Irish_Eyes @


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