The Conservatory


It was like a different world. The air was different, thicker – heavy with humidity and exotic scents floating through it. It simply buzzed with all the wild sounds that enveloped her.

A simple cobblestone path led in both directions from the entrance each enticing her towards the unknown beauty just beyond the bend.

All around her stood a large variety of different types of trees, all with signs indicating their individual heritage. Some stood tall and proud, others were shorter with loops and twists in their bark. Most were bare but for their unique leaves, while others bloomed wonderful families of different flowers and fruits. A wide assortment of colors, shapes and sizes intricately entwined within the wooded jungle.

Bright bunches of flowers dazzled Joy from different heights so bright that even those hidden beneath thick leaves seemed to leap up at her as she walked down the left path.


Her head turned continuously, her eyes greedily licking over every detail as she walked, determined not to miss a thing. It was truly marvelous how they could create this here, in Canada, a jungle made up of almost every different continent.

Looking up she studied the dome-like structure that held this magnificent wonderland, housing the warmth. Outside the rain beat down heavily on the clear dome but was scarcely heard amid the buzz of activity underneath.

Crossing a marvelously crafted wooden bridge she watched as large goldfish swam lazily beneath, away from the small waterfall. She followed them venturing to the other side of the bridge keeping her eye on them as they swam.

Something red caught her eye and she glanced up catching sight of two stunning parrots perched in the distance. The vivid colors of their foliage entranced Joy and she simply stared in awe, watching their every move, studying their flexible bodies.


Throughout the rest of her wander around the Conservatory she marveled at a blue and yellow parrot, an uncountable number of odd flowers each adding their own uniqueness to what was most certainly the best exhibit she’d ever seen, a rainbow colored bird, an African Grey Parrot named Rosy and a pair of birds near the end, one bright green and one red and blue. The green one, whose name she’d forgotten had a beak that she loved. It looked as though it was a piece of Corn Candy, orange and yellow.

Rosy was a talkative little thing, extremely friendly and very funny to watch. She had an arsenal of crazy sounds she would make and she seemed to enjoy talking with people. Though she didn’t actually “speak”, she clicked and popped and made a noise so closely resembling a drop of water that Joy didn’t believe it was Rosy until one of the workers confirmed it.

Carrying on, she laughed at the large assortment of brightly colored little birds all jumping around singing happily as they splashed about in the cool water created from the humidity dripping into their pool.

One particular little guy caught her eye and she snapped some photos of him. He was beautiful, a spectacular mix of vibrant blues and greys and a small pink beak. He didn’t seem to be smiling; however. He was very serious, not at all like the other birds. He seemed as though he thought of himself as the leader, the superior of the group and Joy chuckled at his obvious conceit.

IMG_2165small IMG_2168small

This place was such a hidden gem.

Taking a seat on one of the many benches throughout the Conservatory Joy took a deep breath and simply relaxed. This was her favorite place. She had been here many, many times and yet every time she came was different. There were always new faces (birds) and they added new plant life constantly. It was as if the jungle really did exist here naturally and it was taking over the space. It definitely seemed as though it had a mind of its own.

Smiling to herself, Joy clicked a few more pictures and nearly had to duck as a brown and red bird flew over her head. This place was her sanctuary. The place she could go to escape the city. Sometimes living in the city was simply too much. There was constantly so much pressure and it was so noisy all the time. She loved to come here when she was feeling down. This place would always lift her spirits.

Yes, it was almost as noisy in here as in the city itself, but this was different. It was alive and vibrant. There were animals and plants and there were no visible buildings! It was a mirage that was always there no matter how close she got to it. She loved nature and being here made her feel more in touch with herself. It made her feel at home.



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