Valentines Day – It’s the Thought That Counts

Arm in arm the two sisters walked, lazily tracing their way to the middle of their favorite park. Smiling, Joy led Donna to a solitary wooden bench resting near the edge of the cobblestone path.

Through the air birds drifted – some slowly floating along through the breeze, dropping and rising with the air currents, while others dove and flew through the air like little arrows. The vegetation in the park was beginning to gather some of the green it had lost when winter’s harsh hold had taken over and though no flowers were growing yet, there were plenty of flowers to see in the park today.

Couples stood, walked, sat and held each others hands all along the park on this beautiful day and some of the women held magnificent bouquets of roses while others held single roses, others held carnations, and others still held assorted bouquets.

Today was Valentines Day after all, and this was the sisters’ favorite thing to do every year – people-watch in the park. Valentines Day didn’t make the two sad, oh no, Valentines Day made them glad. Though they didn’t have anyone to share this special day with this year, it made them all the more excited to know that when they did have a special someone in their lives, this day would be just as magical to them as to all of the couples currently sharing it.


How can people hate Valentines Day? Joy thought to herself. It was one day given each year to celebrate love – puppy love, true love, everlasting love and so many other kinds of love. It was a beautiful day, whether it was sunny, rainy, or cloudy because it gave you hope. You could simply see the love in the air everywhere you looked.

A warmth spread through her heart as Joy noticed an elderly couple walking slowly along the path. She wore a red rose in her white hair and in his jacket pocket, a matching rose sat above his heart. The lady held her gentleman’s arm and they laughed quietly between themselves, their love for each other written in every crease of their smiles.

Studying a young couple to her left Joy smiled when the boy took a necklace out of his back left pocket and presented it to the curly-haired girl who grabbed him and kissed him… hard… oh, that had to hurt.

Moving on, she noticed another young couple – not quite as young as the first – who were standing off to the right leaning against the edge of the wooden bridge. This couple was in love. You could see it. In her left hand the young woman held a single red tulip, a simple gift, but this couple was one of the truest she could see.

Forehead to forehead they leaned into one another, smiling brightly. These two didn’t need gifts to show their love. They were too in love to care. They were simply and completely satisfied with one another.


In fact, the whole park seemed like that every year they did this. No girls were ever jealous of what another girl got – they were just too focused on their special person.

That’s what made Valentines Day so wonderful. It wasn’t the flowers, the candy, the jewelry, the hearts or even the cards, it was the simple affection that came with them – the thought that was behind each and every gift presented on this day.

It’s the thought that counts. Always.


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