Silent Tears: The Hidden Hurt


In her left hand she holds a flower – in her right, a knife.

She sits in her room, silent tears streaming down her face as her mind reels over the pain in her life. She has no one. Not anymore.

Time spins in her mind, dizzying her thoughts, as her heartbeat grows louder in her ears. Boom. Boom. Boom. It picks up speed continuously until her brain fogs over and she can’t think clearly.

How can life be so cruel? What has she done to deserve this excruciating pain? And at such a young age! Only fifteen years old and she has lost everything. No one understands her pain.

Kids can be cruel. How many times has she heard that line? Five? Ten? More like a hundred. People seemed to spit it out like an excuse for nasty people. Teachers spit it out, bus drivers – even the principal now!

It’s like the bullies are given a free ride. They can hit her down and beat her to the ground with words and taunts because they don’t understand and are mean and all anyone ever does is say that stupid line; that invalid excuse. Kids can be cruel.

They say: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” What a load of crap. Words stab just a deep as any knife, cut just as sharp and leave just as big a scar.

People wipe the incidents away, after all, there’s no “real” injury to be seen. But it’s not what’s showing on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside, that burning, charring hatred and despair that no one sees! Those thoughts that invade the mind like a poison when no one helps – Is life worth it?

Now even the principal has taken their side. Kids can be cruel. Yes, kids can be cruel. Bullies are cruel.

Why don’t people understand the severity of bullying? Here she sits at this moment, despair ripping her insides out, contemplating life whilst they sit in their perfect homes with their perfect families never giving her a second thought!

Bullies murder people. It’s just a fact. They may not wield the knife, or hold the gun, or tie the noose that has killed so many – but they built the doubt. They drained the hope. They made life so painful and unbearable that those kids took their own lives. And all people say is “Kids can be cruel”?

What kind of a world do we live in?

Staring down at the knife it begins to blur as the tears well up once more. What kind of world do we live in? There are so many vile names and she hears them everyday. Fat. Cow. Pig. Slug. Fatso. Lard ball. Is it any wonder she has no self-esteem?

The only ones who understand are her two friends, her two best friends who are also teased. At times, they are bullied as a group, but for the most part they are cornered off, picked on alone, with no support.

Through the years the three of them have stood tall, why give up now? If they stood up and began telling the world, screaming at the top of their lungs for it all to stop, would people listen? Would the world listen? It was worth a shot. What did they have to lose that was worse than what she was contemplating at this moment?

Suddenly, bracing her shoulders, she makes a decision. They had taken a few years from her, but they would not take the rest of her life as well.

In her left hand she holds a flower.

Written in response to Weekly Writing Challenge:

The Sound of Silence


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