Just Say No


I was reading a story this morning that made me mad. It was about this amazing couple. They had been together since high school, he was a track star, and they were so in love. He was going to purpose the next week. It was going to be a fairytale ending, a perfect story; but everything changed when a drunk driver crossed the centerline, putting him in a coma.

Now, years later, he is in an uphill battle, recovering what he can of his physical and mental state. But he is engaged to his high school sweetheart and that is what makes the story so sweet.

But it shouldn’t be like that! They should have had the life they were planning but because of one person’s stupid mistake it was taken away from them, like a rug being swept out from beneath their feet.

Their whole world came crashing down on them because someone said: “I’ll be fine.”

But that’s it isn’t it? Do you ever notice how they always say that? They say I’LL be fine, but they’re only thinking of themselves, not the people they might hurt. They think that they will get home fine, no worries but they don’t think about the other people on the road or the people on crosswalks or bikes.

Hardly ever do you hear stories on the news where a drunk driver was in a single vehicle accident, it almost always involves another person whether they were in a vehicle or on the street, it doesn’t matter. They can never just hurt themselves; they take someone else with them.

So many times you hear about the drunk driver walking away while the other vehicle’s passengers life or lives are changed forever. How many wives or husbands or family have been woken in the middle of the night to a knock on the door telling them their loved ones won’t be coming home?

The story I was talking about before especially made me mad when it said that it was the drunk driver’s third DUI. THIRD??????

I’m sorry, there should be absolutely zero tolerance! First of all, drunk driving shouldn’t happen in the first place – it’s 100% preventable and second, if there IS a first offence (Heaven forbid) their license should be revoked on the spot. Tough sh*t. There is no excuse. Take a cab, a bus or call a friend.

Did you know that an estimated 1,250 to 1,500 people die in impairment related car crashes in Canada each year?? That’s approximately 3.4 – 4.1 deaths per day.

How many more peoples’ lives have to be affected before something is done?

Photo courtesy of kconnors @ morguefile.com


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