A Goodnight Kiss

The moment was here,
His palms were sweaty,
The goodnight kiss,
But he wasn’t ready.

He stood there before her,
His hands were in hers.
His heart pounded loudly,
He ignored its murmurs.

Her smile shone bright,
Teeth bit down on ruby lips,
He dropped her hands,
Pulled her close with her hips.

Her body went rigid,
Taught like a board,
But slowly she softened,
Her heartbeat floored.

Her breath came in hitches,
Deep, hot and heavy.
Her eyes grew intense,
Her balance unsteady.

There were so many ways,
That this kiss could go.
How should he approach it,
He did not know.

Then her lips were on his,
As she stood on her toes.
Her kiss sweet as honey,
She smelled like a rose.

Gently and slowly,
He wrapped his arms around her.
She deepened the kiss,
A moment of splender.

He felt her mouth smile,
The kiss came to a close,
As she tucked her hair,
And he tickled her nose.

Finally he pulled back,
And opened his eyes.
And stared at the women,
That he’d made his bride.

No longer a boy,
But now an old man.
They stood by the restaurant,
Where it all began.



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