House of Mirrors

Check out this amazing story, guys! My good friend outdid herself!

A Quill of Fire

I feel far away from the world; far from reality, far from myself.

I look at the reflection in the mirror and see a version of myself. It looks like me but the image is dark and distorted. She smiles back at me and scoffs, as if to enjoy my pain and loneliness. My mouth goes dry and my throat closes up – I cant breath. I try to scream but no sound comes out. I feel the life being slowly sucked out of me. I fall to the ground looking at the mirrors that surround me.

The house of mirrors – once a place of silly faces, now a mockery of my own existence. Slowly I feel sucked into the mirrors. Now I am stuck looking through the other side. I bang on the glass but no one can see me. They laugh and make faces in the mirror…

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