A Sunlit Morning

*Well it’s certainly been a while since I posted last. I’ve just been so busy lately I can hardly think straight enough to write a sentence so here is a snippet from my vacation journal from last summer. It’s not much but it means the world to me. Enjoy!*2013-06-18 20.08.21

My mind clears as the heavy cloud of sleep lifts from my eyelids allowing me to remember where I am. Keeping my eyes firmly closed I take a deep breath, not surprised when my lips are taken by a spontaneous smile and a bubbly, happy feeling explodes within my chest. I’m in California, and this is my first day.

Slowly, I slide my eyes open, gathering my first comprehensive glimpse of the bedroom I will be calling my own for the next two weeks. A blue comforter with a tiny floral pattern of yellow and blue adorns this small bed while the white sheets beneath hug my still-pale legs. At both the head and foot of the bed are a simple, arched, wooden board, varnished smoothly. To my left sits a modest deep-stained dresser next to a small, wooden, bedside table. Atop the dresser resides a printer and on the table’s lowest shelf sits three sketchbooks and a large, plastic, purple pencil case. Against the far wall stands a tall, wooden bookcase full of a great number of various kinds of books, each with their own, compelling secrets. A sliding closet is it’s neighbour, with circular gold handles. The small amount of belongings I have brought, litter the floor in front of the table, leaving me a straight line to and from the white door at the foot of my bed. Behind me, sunlight wafts through white curtains drifting lazily in the early morning breeze and, in the distance, I hear a bird singing a morning tune.

I take one last, deep breath of fresh air before throwing the covers off and placing my feet on the carpet. I dress in my blue, strapless Hollister dress because though it may be cool now, it will certainly warm up soon. I run my purple brush through my hair and dust a small layer of mascara over my lashes. Quietly I step out of my bedroom, cell phone in hand, and head to the washroom where I brush my teeth. The bathroom is very nice, white with grey accents and two sinks but I don’t linger, instead, I unlock the black, iron security gate at the end of the hall and enter the living room area. When I reach the kitchen, I find my Auntie already puttering around, making breakfast.

Smiling, we exchange good morning sentiments as I admire the pool from the big, bright windows. She kindly shows me where to find peanut butter and honey for my English Muffin and continues making her own breakfast while I begin working on mine. We share a wonderful conversation as I enjoy the honey my Auntie suggested. (This is the first time I have put honey on an English Muffin). When my cousin saunters into the kitchen, dressed and wearing quite a bit of makeup I feel as though mine might be inadequate but shrug it off as the three of us head out the side door and into my Auntie’s blue Subaru wagon. I get the front seat because we’re picking up my cousin’s friend to take her to her dance recital so I am pleased.

As we leave their driveway I glance back at their beautiful home and admire the two large fields on either side. The road is gravel at first, bumpy and rough but we hit smooth, dark pavement within a few minutes. The scenery here is so vastly different from my home. Here the grass is all brown, dead and dry and large trees stand in small groups, gathering away from the other groups of trees. It reminds me of high school and all the cliques avoiding the other cliques. Occasionally you come across a large tree standing alone, but they are often near the houses, offering shade from the scalding sun. Horses, cattle, sheep and other animals dot the landscape, sometimes together in groups and sometimes spread out like the stars. Homes are further apart here as well because everyone has their own land. The sky is blue and clear and the sun is already hot on my skin. I am very thankful I grabbed my sunglasses.


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