Our Commercialized Society

The world today is not very family oriented, especially the cities. Trying to get time at Christmas to go home and see your family is practically impossible anymore. It’s just so me, me, my. What happened to family values? What happened to being home for dinner at six every night or going to church every Sunday? Everyone wants you to work now. Almost impossible to find are the jobs where they close by five. What happened to the 9-5 jobs? – Practically extinct.

And I know it’s early, but I just have to say that Christmas is an important time to be with your family. It’s especially difficult for people to do so when their family live a very long way away and you’re told you can not request any time at Christmas. There should be an exception or a lenience for those with family far away. I mean, come on! What is Christmas really about? Okay, stupid question because nowadays it’s all about money. And it’s not the managers, they have a job too. It’s their job to make the schedules given to them by the companies. I used to hate when people said “Oh, I hate Christmas now, it’s all so commercialized.” I guess, living in a small town I never saw that but now, living in the city, I see it even as early as October! Christmas isn’t about family anymore, it’s about how much money we can make on the rush before Christmas and the day after Christmas with our huge sales! It’s like a big joke that just won’t go away.

Am I the only one who still believes in family and tradition?

Photo credit to jmiltenburg @ morguefile.com


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