Christmas Time is Here

Well, it’s that time of year again. Christmas time is here!

Christmas songs play throughout the city, wreaths and trees decorated so festively have poked their heads out and the rush and bustle of the city has become a blur of movement. Displays of Christmas lights brighten the streets shining in red, blue and green and bells trill in the distance.

I for one, love this season best of all. The other night I was sitting in my apartment quietly studying the Christmas tree. It’s beautiful, tall and green and decorated with the traditional colours of silver, gold and red. White porcelain reindeer frozen in perfect leaps and bounds adorn the branches and my faithful wooden nutcrackers stand at the ready in their brightly painted coats. Old fashioned wooden ornaments hang delicately from the limbs and the crystal icicles sparkle and glimmer in the dreamy glow of the Christmas lights. And atop it all sits a glittery golden star. It has no lights of its own but still it glows and sparkles as a reminder of why we have Christmas in the first place.

Staring at the tree I felt at ease, peaceful and relaxed. There is a simple sense of fulfilment and joy that overtakes you despite your feelings on the holiday. I have friends who do not celebrate Christmas and yet they are pulled into the warmth and the spirit of the season. I think that’s what I love most about Christmas. Every year it manages to pull people together. It is a holiday to be shared with friends and family.

I hope everyone has a warm and Merry Christmas this year!



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