Autumn’s Comfort


Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to pull out the knit sweaters, the fuzzy socks, the thick scarves and the heavily patterned leg warmers. The time for canning, fresh baked pies and hearty garden vegetable laden tables is upon us as the heat retreats and Old Man Winter begins his slow journey south. Children are in school once again soaking up new lessons after summer successfully drained them of their previous year’s teachings.

The leafy trees seem to have taken heed to summer’s waning heat and begun changing their clothing along with the rest of us. Their once vibrant green leaves are now blossoming into the bouquets of autumn and the sun itself seems to cast a more dreamy golden glow upon the earth.

Today is rather a warmer, dryer day than we have had recently. A frosty chill still clings to the air but the moment we feel it sinking its teeth in the sun’s autumn rays chase it off again. Summer is wonderful but there is something magically inviting about this season. Perhaps it is the colours of fall, the yellows, oranges, reds and browns, that are comforting. Their warm colours seem to bring with them a sense of whimsy and the feelings of coziness are intensified as pumpkin spiced everything comes back into season.

Deliciously inviting aromas of home cooked meals waft enticingly through the open windows to greet us. Tempting scents once again rise from our steaming mugs of hot tea and cocoa like misty hands persuading us to enjoy their rich flavours.

Fall is a season of comfort and my soul is weary from a long year and ready to snuggle beneath warm blankets.


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