Sun on the Boardwalk


The sun was shining. What a relief.

It had been weeks since she’d seen a blue sky or seen her shadow strong enough to darken a wall. She’d almost forgotten just how blue the sky could be. It was void of clouds and reflected the brilliant color of the ocean as she sat on the edge of the boardwalk.

In the distance white sailboats rocked lazily, cradled in the arms of the sea. Along the boardwalk couples held hands wandering dreamily along the waters edge and giddy children raced ahead of parents and grandparents searching the shoreline for starfish and crabs and squealing with delight when they spotted one. Their tiny footprints remained behind them in zigzag patterns while the adults’ footfalls fell in much straighter lines. Everyone was wearing bright colors and wore expressions of sweet satisfaction. There was optimism and lightheartedness in the air and it was good.

A cool breeze drifted over the water from the west twirling her hair and making her smile.

That was something she hadn’t done in a while – smile. It felt alien. Lifting her hand to her cheek she felt the lines etched into her skin. They weren’t deep but they were there nonetheless and made her cheeks pinch in the middle, the tiny muscles stretched and strained from lack of use.

Over the past little while her face had been tense, her brow pulled in a chronic frown across her soft features. She didn’t like to frown, thought it was unbecoming. But it hadn’t been her fault. Raising her hand to her forehead she felt her brow ridge and was overjoyed to feel no frown lines.

A salty taste hung in the air as it often does near the ocean and it settled with a slight tingle on her skin. The air felt cleaner, lighter and sweeter and she took a deep breath in. Its freshness was clearing her head. She could finally think more clearly than she had in a while.

She dipped her feet down, letting the water spill over the tops of her sandals, enjoying its cold touch. Her yellow skirt floated in the breeze as if it wanted to dance and she ran her fingers over the soft material.

Overhead seagulls dipped and dived, hovered and called out in search of yummy morsels left by absentminded families. The pigeons, already on the ground, beat them to the best bits, gobbling them up as quickly as they were dropped, their green and purple heads bobbing wildly as they scurried away from squealing children. She laughed easily as she watched. They were like living bobble heads.

There was ease in the air – a simplicity that was brought this morning on the first day of summer. The grey weather had finally ended its terrible reign, after what had seemed an eternity and life was finally moving back into the world.

It was so hard to remain optimistic when the sky was grey and the world around looked as though the color had been drained from her surface. How could one help but slip deeper into the abyss of melancholy?

The world had been void of color too long, empty of light and laughter and vacant of joy. But life was blossoming once again under the steady beam of the sun.

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