Time seemed to slow as they stood there looking at each other. Neither spoke and eyes did not wander, they looked into each other’s eyes trying to look deeper, trying to push past the defences to see the true emotions beneath, to find the truth, to break past the surface and see the unspoken words both were biting back, curling them in their tongues so they would not be the first to show any vulnerability, any weakness, any love.
The minutes slipped slowly past as they stood there, neither moving, hardly daring to breath, neither wanting to be the one to break the silence, to show their cards, their hearts.

The two loved one another very deeply, to anyone else that much was obvious but fear of being wrong held the truth tight in their chests.

After what felt like an eternity her eyes deceived her, hurt swirling beneath the blue surfaces. Her brows furled slightly and her entire posture dropped as if the forfeit had stolen the breath from her body. With a forced smile she bid him farewell and took her leave.

As she walked away heartbreak sliced through their eyes, the unspoken emotions crushing both as fear won the standoff against love.


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