A New Year

A new day has dawned and along with this particular dawn has come a new year – not just your typical Monday morning with a coffee cup filled to the brim, bedraggled hair and eyes that beg for sleep. No, this morning has come with hope; a fresh slate laid over the world like a blanket, crisp, white and inviting. The time for forgiveness has come, for letting bygones be bygones, mistakes are somehow fainter in the sunlight today, fading into memories and the chance for a new beginning is upon us.

            Each New Year brings with it the familiar sentiments and good wishes to all and new resolutions for the three hundred and sixty-five days ahead. We shed the torn and bruised skin that the past year has scarred and start fresh with an open mind and new goals. Behind us we leave the daggers that pierced us, the knives that cut us, the rocks we tripped on, the steps we missed. We leap forward on this new day to better things, leaving the hurt behind and begin forging our way to a better tomorrow, to a better year.

            This year has seen a lot of hurt; good people lost too young, tragic accidents, floods, terrifying and merciless wildfires, unnecessary death and chaos – too many losses to count. Fear and sadness saturated our lives this year, but in the midst of it all, even if it was missed, so did love.

New lives were born, new families made, other families expanded, new love was found and new friends were made. Joy was there even in the worst of situations, love was there, hope and smiles and laughter too. Even on our darkest days we were given reasons to smile, a text from a loved one, a hug from a friend, a new dress, an unexpected visitor.

There was happiness even amidst the sadness. And isn’t that really the whole point of new years, to forget our problems and to look forward with hope for a better tomorrow? Whether last year, this year, next week or five months from now there is always a tomorrow, a new day approaching on the horizon. A new year simply amplifies this feeling and reminds us to look forward, that there is another day dawning soon even after the darkest of the nights. The light is always going to come; it will always find us. But this is a lesson we should remember and appreciate every day of the year, not just on the first of January, but every day. A new dawn is coming, so if today isn’t your day, that’s okay, because another is coming and another after that, always and forever. There is always hope. It is always there and it will always find you.

May this New Year bring with it peace, good fortune, happiness and laughter to us all. God speed, God bless and Happy New Year.


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